stomp new ulm! performers

Music, color, movement and abandon. Brought to you by these incredible performers Oct. 5 at Morgan Creek Vineyards.

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The Narren of New Ulm

Celebrating their 30th Anniversary - The Narren of New Ulm have been part of the Morgan Cxreek Vineyards grape stomp celebrations since 1999. Characters identified by their carved wood masks, these lively creatures bring a lot of colorful whimsy to celebrations events in and around the New Ulm area. They have been making the rounds since a pair of Narren showed up at New Ulm’s Heritagefest in 1988. Since then, they have made a home in New Ulm and how their numbers have grown. Expect to see dozens of these masked characters at Stomp New Ulm! Including a new member, appropriately named Paulina Georgina: The Lady of the Grapes.

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Minnesota Traditional Morris Dancers

Injecting the party with the boisterous arts of drinking and dancing, the Minnesota Traditional Morris is a men’s English folk dance team that never fails to put the fun into high gear at Morgan Creek Vineyards.

The Morris style of traditional folk dance is upbeat, ribald movement done to the sounds of violin, pipe and tabor, melodeon or even their own singing. A tradition dating back to the Cotswold Hills of central England, the Morris style is alive and well in Minnesota. You’ll find it happening at events such as the Marine on St. Croix May Festival, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Fourth of July parades and, of course, Morgan Creek Vineyards, where the dancers have been performing since 1999.

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Founded by Violet Kind, the Satori Violet Belly Dancers bring an exotic flair to festivals, performances and other events throughout Southern Minnesota. The Mankato-based Satori Violet now hosts between 12-16 weekly dance and yoga classes with seven instructors. Discover more at